180 Degrees of Trauma

Installed at the derelict Bundeswehrkrankenhaus (Germany Army Hospital) in Detmold, Germany, this site-specific installation was generated by exploiting moments of vandalism: creating sense from the senseless.

180 Degrees of Trauma

This barely tangible project, completed in 2012, involved stitching together three adjacent spaces with lengths of nylon thread, exploiting moments of vicarious damage to create something new and authorised from the unauthorised. Taking inspiration from Medieval/Renaissance annunication images, in particular Carlo Crivelli’s depiction of 1486, the threads originate from an elevated position and pass through unexpected apertures within the building – much as the ray of light as depicted by Crivelli is accommodated by his architectural fiction. Further, the central cluster of threads within the installation is pained blue, referencing the colour of Mary’s gown, while creating a floating blaze of colour.




This work was heavily informed by a consideration language, including the terms alienation, palimpsest, uncanny, liminality and estrangement. The project was generated as part of the summer school series POSIAC (Perception of Architecture in Architecture and Culture), administered by the Hochschule Detmold, Germany and funded by the DAAD (Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service).

Leads: Dr Mathew Emmett and David Littlefield
Location: Detmold, Germany