2 Marsham Street

2 Marsham Street


Composed from sampled sounds from the immediate locality of Marsham Street, [Space in Sound] explores space and time within the auditory environment.

Created primarily from twenty-four hour sonic maps, that stream the blended noise into different temporal and spatial characters, the map becomes a score to reframe the act of memory with which we can locate and recognise spatial events. The shape, dimensions and reverberation qualities are then explored and extended via splicing and looping, to amplify space and distance, giving rise to a flux of sound inflections that move from foreground to background. Whilst suspending the listener within its gyrational scape, the work poses the question: what are the ways space, sound and memory cognitively tied, and can such ties be reinterpreted to create states of reverberation where everything continues to exists once the building and its sounds are removed?


Performed at Ching’s Yard: Architectural Association, 2000.
Architectural Voices: Listening to Old Buildings, 2008.

Lead: Dr Mathew Emmett
Location: London, England