Who is Estranged Space?

Estranged Space is a group of spatial practitioners who deploy a wide range of tools and techniques to create site-responsive interventions within spaces which are contested, unsettling, hidden, lost, peripheral or displaced. Through its work the group explores notions of perception, (re)interpretation, narrative and place. Estranged Space was co-founded by Mathew Emmett and David Littlefield.

Our core areas of focus are:

Installation and Projection

We seek to redefine and challenge our understanding of estranged spaces through a range of experimental practices including site-specific installation, film and projection. Works include the generation of new spatial configurations that affect action, connections and meaning.

Heritage and Authenticity

Heritage and Authenticity are contested terms. Estranged Space explores and tests these concepts through the application of theory (drawn from archaeology, architecture, psychology, philosophy and cultural studies), mediated through art and design practice, to sites of historical and cultural significance.

Mapping and Perception

The study of perception not only allows us to examine the reciprocal effects of space (space acts upon the mind; the mind acts upon it). Mapping tools enable us to scrutinise and better understand these interactions, enabling us to interrogate reality’s elasticity.